Make your reservation via the online reservation module at the bottom right of this page, where you can find all current availability. Reservations are possible up to 8 weeks in advance.

If you are unable to find a spot on your preferred date, we recommend adding your information to our waiting list. We frequently use this list and will contact you whenever a table becomes available.

At our kitchen counter, you have a great view of the open kitchen. You sit next to each other, so we recommend seating a maximum of three people here for the best experience. However, it is also possible to reserve seats at our kitchen counter for more than three people.

At Wils we have various options to welcome larger groups. Would you like to sit completely privately with your group, on a long table by the Olympic fireplace, or have the entire restaurant just for you and your guests? We are happy to discuss the possibilities for groups of 9 or more. Contact us here!

We would like to point out that dogs are not allowed in the restaurant and terrace.



Stadionplein 26 - 3rd floor
1076 CM Amsterdam

+31 (0) 20 236 65 22

The Olympic Stadium parking garage is easy to reach from the A10 and is open 24 hours a day. The entrance is on Laan der Hesperiden.


Wils is open for dinner from Tuesday to Saturday and for lunch on Wednesday to Saturday. We close daily at 00.00 hrs.
You can find the current availability via our online reservation module.

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